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Jon Eriksen
Jon Eriksen

"I've been playing harmonica off and on for about forty years. It started when I was a teenager (my mother gave me a Marine Band in a Christmas stocking). I played in rock bands, copped all the Paul Butterfield licks I could, but never took it real serious. I was studying drums and vibes and learning how to play jazz."

"I knew about Toots but jazz harmonica never really got me until I heard him live at Keystone Korner, San Francisco in 1978. I distinctly remember going home that night and practicing scales and attempting jazz tunes, it was a real epiphany and playing jazz on the chromatic harmonica became a focus of my musical life. Even though I consider the harmonica my instrument, I'm better known in the SF Bay Area as a vibes player and since there's more call for jazz vibes than jazz harmonica, vibes are what I usually play."

Jon has been performing and recording in the Bay Area for the past 35 years and his credits include: Johnny Mathis, The Mills Brothers, Roger Williams, The Spinners, Liberace, The San Francisco Symphony, The Jofferey Ballet, Lola Falana, Bobby Vinton, and Art Van Damme. Jon is also a first-call studio player with commercial, movie and record dates too numerous to list.

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