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Slide Man Slim
Slide Man Slim

Slide Man Slim (aka Slim Heilpern) has a thing about chromatic harmonicas -- the kind with a button-controlled slide. Perhaps it was the fact that it was his first instrument (his father gave him one at age 5)... or that his pet beagle used to go nuts whenever he played it... or simply that no one he knew outside of his family had one or had even heard of one. At age 8, Slim also developed a thing for the guitar.

Slim and his long time partner in musical crime (Penny Hanna) are veterens of the Top 40 lounge circuit of the 1980's and previous to that the Country and Western Swing clubs across Northern California and the Southwest US. Somewhere along the way they got deeper into playing jazz and that has been their focus ever since.

After many years on the road, Slim swapped his hobby for his career and now makes his living writing computer software and plays music for the sheer joy of it. You can catch him gigging around Santa Cruz every weekend.

Over the years, Slim has played harmonica on albums by Penny Hanna, the late Dan Del Santo, Johnny Fabulous, and others. He was a featured performer at the 2007 SPAH Convention and that same year released a CD with Penny Hanna called Topsy Turvy. A follow-up CD is in the works....

Slim will be performing with Penny Hanna at the Summit.

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