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Winslow Yerxa
Winslow Yerxa

Winslow Yerxa plays nearly every type of harmonica, and combines disparate styles of music in unlikely ways, such as accompanying a French-Canadian fiddle tune with Kind of Blue modal harmonies. He teaches at the Jazzschool in Berkeley with fellow members of the San Francisco Harmonica Ensemble, Damien Masterson, Michael Peloquin, and Steve Malerbi, in addition to appearing with the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers and fronting various ensembles with violinist Tuula Tossavainen Cotter.

Author of the highly regarded book Harmonica for Dummies, Winslow has been on a mission to find and transmit harmonica information ever since he picked up the harmonica as a teenager and couldn't find a teacher. While exploring such wide-ranges styles as blues, jazz, Caribbean music, and the traditional fiddle tunes of his native Canada, he has published the magazine HIP -- The Harmonica Information Publication, transcribed John Popper's harmonica solos to musical notation and tab for the songbook to the Blues Traveler CD four, and contributed to Howard Levy's Out of the Box instructional DVD.

In addition to teaching privately and at the Jazzschool, Winslow takes an active role in organizing the annual SPAH harmonica convention. He contributes a regular column on chromatic harmonica to the online harmonica magazine harmonicasessions.com, and has contributed articles to such harmonica magazines as Harmonica World, Harmonica Happenings, American Harmonica Newsletter, and Echos France Harmonica. He continues to contribute to the understanding and appreciation of the harmonica through such online forums as harp-l.com.

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